Blank Website

No, this site was not hacked.
No, I did not quit the web development environment.

I gave up on WordPress.

Yes, this is a shared hosting account, but so what... Millions of other people out there depend on "cheap" shared hosting accounts in order to start a website, build a business, and make some money. But how can you possibly make money using a shared hosting account with a CMS that is so stubbornly slow users cannot access your site within 7 seconds?

7 seconds? So what? ...

That is the average amount of time a visitor will wait for your site to load before giving up.

Do you want visitors to become customers? Do you want customers to see your website? See your offerings? Make purchases?

Then maybe ... just maybe ... you're ready for a real web development platform. Tired of frameworks that force you to code "their" way? Maybe you're ready as well.

I am leaving this page blank for a short time. I want my visitors to see it. I want them to read this. I want to get my point across. There is life out there beyond WordPress.

And it starts here.

Get ready to break-out of the framework of your life...

It's time for the un-Framework

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