about nmecs

Hi! I'm Nathan. You probably don't know me, but you're about to! I don't know about you, but I usually like to know a little bit about the people I'm working with. If you are like me, then here is your chance to get ahead of the game!

When I was in grade school the computer teacher requested a student assistant. I did not volunteer, but for some reason, I was chosen. I learned the basics of how to setup computers and what to do when things went wrong... (have you rebooted it? Is it plugged in? Yeah, the dangly thing comin' out the back).

When I was a young teenager my town had a single user dial up BBS that many of us would connect to and upload notes to each other, cool information we found about this or that and occassionaly a picture. I was one of the first to have a 14.4 modem so pictures were not a big deal to me at the time. A short while later AOL and Compuserve moved into town and the whole world changed.

I discovered HTML and set off to learn perl and CGI programming on my Slackware Linux computer. I soon lost interest in software and moved on to configuring hardware and setting up servers. The experience lead me to corporate America where I became a systems administrator working for several large companies and a local government office. While in the position of system admin I found a need for in house developed software and began researching the best means for building a program that would work on multiple systems. We had Windows of every version along with Macs and of course my Linux boxes, so developing a cross-platform application seemed to be a daunting task. I quickly discovered the true power of the world wide web, or rather the LAMP stack and its ability to deliver web applications to all operating systems.

I learned PHP and MySQL development and started off on a journey that would eventually lead to me sitting in my home office typing this... The first web application I built was a help desk ticket tracking system. From there I moved on to inventory management, membership programs, billing applications, and dozens of other in house applications. Some managed to stay quite small at just a few thousand lines of code to my largest project coming in at just over half a million. Performance and scaling becomes a real issue with applications of that size, even with only a few hundred users.

Along the way I found a niche developing and managing websites for churches and missionaries who couldn't afford to host with professional companies or did not have the expertise to do any of it. I built some servers and managed to get some decent internet connections on dedicated lines and built what was then called BibleBasedWebSites.com. At its peak I had two dozen church and missionary websites that I hosted and managed. Not only was it a blessing to me to get to work with so many pastors and missionaries, but it was a great learning experience. Many of them wanted to be able to change content and update parts of their sites, so long before WordPress and Drupal became popular I was building content management systems to help alleviate some of my work and allow them to manage parts of their own websites.

Most of the churches and missionaries have moved on to other services such as Facebook and no longer care to maintain a website, but I still have a few that I manage, even today. Of course, the services I provided then have changed a little too. No longer do I host on my own private servers running on business internet connections. Today I manage dozens of websites for various customers on professional webhosts like Dreamhost, GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost. When given the choice I host my customers sites on DigitalOcean VPS servers.

But Why Hire Me?

An excellent question deserves an excellent answer.
I am in business to support my family! I don't have a primary job and develop websites on the side. I'm not the neighbor kid down the street who "knows how to make websites" and will do it real cheap. I've seen those websites, and trust me, it's never cheaper to build a website twice! I take your business seriously because my business depends on your business. I want you happy! A happy customer will tell others with confidence about my business. All the advertising in the world cannot compare with word of mouth. And you've heard the saying: "Compliments travel slowly, but complaints at the speed of sound!". I want your business. Let's work together!