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How I Do Business

I believe every client is unique and every project brought to the table is equally unique. When you bring your project to me the first thing I will do is determine what your needs are and what you are looking to accomplish. Once we've settled on the details a rough estimate for services will be completed. After additional back and forth and fine-tuning the project a firm estimate will be finalized and contracts will be signed.

Not every project requires lots of time and contracts to be completed. Some projects are easy enough they warrant flat rates with set fees. Some clients just want a retainer guaranteeing development support is available when they need it and want to pay a small monthly fee for dedicated hours of service.

Deciding what is right for you and how I can help you achieve your goals will require team work from both of us. I'm not a disinterested third party just looking for money! I have a family to support and customers to tend to. Much of my business depends on your word of mouth. All of this means I take your projects seriously and I want to see you succeed!

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PHP / MySQL Development and Programming

PHP is the P in the acronym "LAMP". Arguably one of the most popular, and powerful, programming languages on the internet, PHP is the driving force behind most dynamic web pages on the 'net today. A server side language with the ability to collect data from a myriad of sources compile it on the fly and deliver it to your web browser, PHP is a proven and stable enterprise class language. PHP, as a language, has many benefits:

  • easy to learn,
  • extremely powerful,
  • very flexible,
  • and very well documented.

Naturally it has its quirks, but what good friend doesn't?

So why hire me for PHP development? First of all, I speak English. American English. Not proper Queen's English. I'm American born and raised in the center of Arizona. Secondly, I have a family I'm trying to support and they are hungry! If you don't hire me, they won't get to eat! That makes Mommy real sad. Thirdly, I'm a professional. This is not a part time job I do on the weekends. I have over 20 years of experience with Linux administration and over 10 years of Apache, MySQL, and PHP experience. I built my resume programming in corporate america and 5 years ago set out to work freelance. It's better out here!

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HTML / CSS Design Services

HTML and CSS are the very heart of the internet. Regardless of what programming language is selected, without HTML and CSS nothing would show up on your webpage! HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, is the actual programming language of the world wide web. CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, determine the layout, look, and feel of a website.

So why are there so many programming languages if the web really runs on HTML and CSS? Good question! HTML and CSS, by themselves, cannot access databases to retrieve dynamic content. They are not able to request data from outside sources beyond themselves to deliver content on your page. Programming languages that can speak to other services, such as MySQL (databases) or Facebook or RSS feeds from other sites are used to gather external information and then prepare it using HTML and CSS to be delivered to your web browser via a content deliver system (HTTP Server) typically Apache. Apache is the A in the "LAMP" acronym. Apache accepts requests for web pages, sends the request to the php process service and when the data is returned to Apache it delivers the content to your web browser. If your website only uses HTML and CSS then Apache serves the content directly to your web browser.

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Linux Server Administration

Linux is the L in the "LAMP" acronym. Linux (in general usage) is an operating system used by lovers of freedom everywhere. Linux can be used on a regular laptop or desktop computer, just like Microsoft Windows, but is entirely free to download and install. Several can be run directly from a CD and do not even need to be installed on your computer!

  • openSUSE -- a robust workstation focusing on the award winning KDE Software Compilation, an easy to use desktop with loads of applications and support for all your hardware.
  • Kubuntu or Ubuntu Desktop -- a well thought out distro of Linux featuring the KDE desktop or the Ubuntu Unity desktop. Lots of applications to perform all of your daily tasks.
  • Masada Linux (my own custom developed distro for my personal needs, sorely out of date!)
  • has hundreds of variations of the Gnu/Linux desktop. Surely one will meet your needs!

Not only this, but Linux is a workhorse server operating system. The vast majority of the world wide web, cell phones, televisions, watches, media players (DVD, Bluray, Roku), automobile infotainment systems, and almost anything else you can think of have Linux inside making them work! Linux is Open Source software. That is just a fancy way of saying anyone who is interested can access the code that makes it work and modify it to fit their needs. Security companies use it, NASA uses it, the U.S. military uses it, the I.R.S. uses it... wait, maybe we don't care about that last one... You get the point. It is well proven and stable for daily use from small home web servers to Wall Street (yep, them too!).

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What do I provide?

Peace of mind.
Confidence your systems are being managed properly.
Someone to call when bad things happen, you have questions about your web applications, or new ideas for future projects!

Most importantly, I provide what you need to make sure your customers can find you, your customers can connect with you, your customers can purchase from you, and you can connect with your customers. Like I said before, when you hire me I have a vested interest in making sure your website performs, because I rely on your business to support my family.

Hire Me!

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